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Welcome to Help from We are a Christian counseling organization called to provide biblically-based psychotherapy and clinical training as well as to facilitate conferences, workshops and retreats. Allison M. Hodge, licensed marriage and family therapist, is the clinical director and founder of

Our professional counseling services include individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, play therapy for children, group therapy and family therapy. We provide in person sessions as well as virtual therapy using zoom, FaceTime or phone sessions if that is your preference.

About Us

Our mission is to provide effective psychotherapy for greater spiritual, emotional, relational and mental health with respect to your personal beliefs and Christian values. We believe in a holistic approach integrating the spiritual and psychological for the optimum health, recovery and relief.

Whatever relational situation, crisis, or traumatic experience, psychotherapy can help to stabilize and strengthen personal growth, identity, and relationships.

The Christian psychotherapist sees the result of victimization and recovery not only from a psychological standpoint, but a spiritual one. A Christian psychotherapist identifies the psychological and spiritual need.

Treating emotional and mental health is a precious responsibility. We understand the importance of finding a sincere therapist who honors your personal values as the foundation of relationships.

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Services We Offer

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

Child Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

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Premarital Counseling

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Pre-Engagement Counseling


How We Help

Psychotherapy is treatment for the soul which contains your reasoning mind, free will, feelings and emotions. Therapy is a shared experience for the client with the psychotherapist. The psychotherapist is an expert on process as well as relationship dynamics, belief systems and defense mechanisms. The client is the expert on his or her own experience.

In each session, the client shares whatever is on their mind and the therapist helps through the exploration to bring insight, provide support, understanding and tools. Together, the client and therapist will identify and treat specific symptoms and challenges with a clear plan of action. The client will become knowledgeable and empowered to move forward.

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